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About Babbleworthy Baby Helmet Decals Doc Band Decorating Plagiocephaly Helmet

Hi there, I'm Jillian!

I'm a former helmet mom to one now "well-rounded" baby girl named Maeve and her big sister (former helmet cleaning assistant, Olivia ;) When Maeve was 5 months old, she was recommended for therapy and treatment for plagiocephaly-- an increasingly common cranial condition in infants that requires a medical 'helmet' or 'docband'. During her fitting, I was told her helmet could be painted, but after asking around, I was shocked to hear this could cost upwards of $100 or more! I knew I could come up with something more affordable, and when I did, I also found the doc band decorating process to be surprisingly fun and fairly simple. This win-win experience is something I wanted to share with other parents in the same boat, and resulted in the launch of Babbleworthy.

So take a look around, and thanks for visiting my shop! I'd like to help in any way I can; if there are questions about the decorating process, existing styles, or customization options, simply contact me at babbleworthy@gmail.com :) You can also check out the latest we have to offer and keep in touch with us via instagram - @babbleworthy and/or facebook.com/itsbabbleworthy.