Frogs Snails Puppy Dog Tails Cranial Band Decals

Frogs, snails and puppy dog tails! A sweet and classic set of cranial band decal stickers (helmet not included) to decorate your baby's docband helmet, with a monogram initial included! Please leave your child's initial in the blank notes/comments box that should appear during checkout. If a full name is provided only the first letter of the name provided will be used as there is a personalization character limit of one letter only.  If no initial is provided upon purchase or within 24 hours via email (to, the set will be processed as is with a small snail or dragonfly provided as a substitute for the initial letter.

This listing comes with beautifully handpieced decals in a mix of various elements as pictured and as colored; a monogram crest with one initial letter (if a letter is not provided, a small dragonfly or snail will be provided as a substitute for the letter), a blue kite, frogs, snails, dragonflies, a dog, and various accent leaves and greenery. Colors will be cut as pictured, in various browns, tans, greens, and blues. Decal sticker elements are individually cut for greater flexibility in styling and assembly. This will allow families to space elements a bit more and position to their liking depending on the shape of your baby's helmet. **All decals MUST be sealed with multiple layers of modpodge as soon as the decals are applied to the helmet to prevent peeling.** Decals come individually cut with transfer tape, so you can style them to best suit your child's unique cranial band helmet. *This set was designed for parents who want to decorate with decals only; pairing these decals with paint is NOT recommended and any paint purchases paired with this set will be declined.* Please note that this set is ideally suited for use on a docband or similarly shaped helmet and that your baby's unique helmet shape, size and structure may require styling of this set in a different manner than that pictured, however the elements that you receive will be the same as shown other than the personalized initial letter.
PROCESSING TIME: Orders currently take 10 BUSINESS DAYS to create before shipping. Processing time excludes weekends and holidays.


1. LESS EXPENSIVE than getting helmets custom painted, while still giving your child's helmet a customized, stylish look! Most custom painted helmets can cost $100+ . This is a more affordable option, especially if you are a parent of multiples who must wear helmets, and/or if your child will only be in the helmet for a short amount of time (as my daughter was!)... or even if, on the opposite end of the spectrum, your child needs to wear a helmet for a much longer amount of time and the prospect of outgrowing the helmet and needing another one to be decorated is anticipated.

2. MORE DURABLE than stickers or decoupage. For those with active babies, stickers and/or decoupaged paper can tear and peel quite easily. My decals are more resistant to tearing, and, when sealed regularly with Mod-Podge, can better withstand the rough and tumble play of your baby in comparison to stickers or paper.

3. REMOVABLE. You can change the look and style of your child's helmet easily. My decals are removable. Once applied, they can be removed by working the edges off with your fingernail and peeling off,and will not leave traces of sticky residue such as what might be experienced with plain stickers.

1. OUT OF THE PACKAGE: Your decals will arrive with elements individually pre-cut, with transfer tape already applied on top. When you are ready to apply your decal to the surface of the helmet, simply peel off the backing that protects the sticky side of the decal).

2. APPLYING THE DECAL: Once the backing has been peeled, with the transfer tape facing you and the sticky side exposed, apply the decal to desired location on the surface of the helmet, using a credit card to press out any air bubbles from the decal. After the decal has been firmly pressed down, peel off the transfer tape. (*Note: If you are painting and/or sealing your helmet beforehand, wait until the helmet has fully dried before applying the decal to prevent surface paint from peeling and minimize the need for paint touch-ups) . Seal with multiple coats of Mod Podge. **Please be aware that Babbleworthy decals are handpieced vinyl art lovingly made to order. Naturally, the application process will thus be different from the decal application process for mass produced, single color, or printed decals, and will require extra care and patience in applying! Your understanding and support of this independent form of artistry is truly appreciated.**

3. PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT: To help prevent chipping and damage to your decals, the helmet must be resealed regularly with ModPodge. This can be anywhere from every other week for a very sedentary baby, to upwards of 2x a week if your child is especially active. Decals that are left unsealed, or with ModPodge that has worn off, are vulnerable to damage. I do provide a few duplicate elements in case some decals need to be replaced, but being proactive with sealing will help keep the decals looking their best.

>>** ADDITIONAL APPLICATION INFO/ DISCLAIMERS: Your child's helmet is a medical device entrusted to your care, and I am not responsible for any damage that is caused by the application or removal of decals to said helmet. For more information and tips on helmet/ doc band decorating, including child safe paint recommendations, DO's and DON'Ts, please refer to your band provider.

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